Sunday, 2 September 2012

MRR2 accident (3/9/12) / spot New Civic 2012

Well, today is first day working for September. On the way to work, spot an accident on MRR2 ( from Setapak to Cheras way)

 ( is a Nissan Grand Livina - From Back)

  (From Side)

   (From Front)

  (From Front -  Can see the RIM is without tire)
This accident what I thought is maybe the car's tire was suddenly explore after hit something then the car was lost control and hit the divider.

By the way, while on the road I also spot new Civic was on the road
(From Rear)

(From Side - the RIM)

New Civic 2012 official site -  (Starting price from  RM115,980)


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